Those days I’m deeply thinking about some projects that I’ve got in mind for a while. Nowadays, after finishing my diploma and having a (little) more time to carry on my own projects, I realised of some things that it’s important to keep in mind when you are trying to develop your own project. Mainly, these things are kind of obvious, but I think are important to always have it in consideration.

  1. Pay full attention to your daily life.
    It is important to be always in alert about all the situations that will come across your normal life. Maybe it couldn’t look important for you to read those lines, but if you are always aware (and awake!), you are going to discover things that will produce a real brain-storming in your head.
  2. Carry always a (paper) notebook.
    Or your laptop, or a tablet, or whatever thing you use to write your own ideas. Because of the previous point, you are not going to predict where in the world your ideas will come to you, and you should be ready to note it (don’t expect to be in your workplace trying to discover some brilliant ideas, usually this will not happen).
  3. Share your ideas to confident people.
    Sharing your ideas to third parties, will cause that you will have to explain your ideas aloud and even before you finish, you will realise about your own mistakes or things to improve in your project. I say confident people because they will have enough confidence to “criticise".
  4. Be open-minded.
    And of course, be always open-minded about what third parties will say about your thoughts: you’ll learn a lot and who knows, maybe you’ll get greater and brilliant ideas!
  5. Learn how to make it real.
    And not just in a technologic way! Even it’s more important to have “vision of company”, learn how you will earn money if you make it real, how your business will work, to which target of people your project is focused… and a huge list! Do not worry to much in how you will develop it in a technical vision, that’s not the biggest deal and probably you’re trained on it, so it’s very important to have a deployment plan.

By the way I’ve to say that for obvious they may seem, I have been impressed of how they true are, so keep them in mind: it’s not a lot of information that you couldn't retain!