For people not very used to design a site (or the ones who are not focused in frontend development), to use a CSS Framework could be very useful. I'm one of these, and in my case I 've to say that is at least, easier than starting from scratch.

As you could have seen with the title of the entry, I've used Twitter Bootstrap . It has been my second time using it, and I must say that it has been again a nice framework to worh with. I've used also the Responsive feature again, because almost the 25% of the people who visited my blog site, use mobile devices.

I'm not going to tell or describe the features that it offers or how make it works, because it is very easy to use and provide almost all the CSS styles that you would need in the frontend development of a site, and some scaffolding to get started with.

Summarizing, I can assert that I would use it in my future projects.