Some of the surroundings of my hometown (Torelló, Catalonia) during Christmas. The fog is present everywhere and almost everyday. The only way to avoid it, to climb!

Castell de Torelló (a.k.a. Castell dels moros)

Location in google maps.

Castell dels Torelló (and its fog) Castell dels Torelló (and its fog)

La foradada

Location in google maps.

La foradada La foradada


Track from La Vola to Cabrera in wikiloc.

Cabrera Views of La Plana de Vic from Cabrera

Cabrera Cabrera

Cabrera Santuari de Cabrera

p_6 Views from Cabrera

Les escletxes de l'Euga

Track from Sant Privat d'en Bas in wikiloc.

p_12 Shepherd's abandoned house

p_11 Escletxes de l'Euga (1)

p_10 Escletxes de l'Euga (2)

p_8 Escletxes de l'Euga (3)

p_9 Escletxes de l'Euga (4)

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